Ending Homelessness

Ending homelessness is a top priority

Through its Clean & Safe program and at the request of property owners, the Downtown San Diego Partnership has created a comprehensive and compassionate program to help people off the street and into housing. Since 2010, the Downtown San Diego Partnership has helped 1,300 people find a place to live.

Despite these successes, there is still more to do – much more.

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Integrated Homeless Outreach

To effectively address homelessness, you have to meet homeless people where they are at — and that is on the street. The Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Clean & Safe homeless outreach workers partner with the San Diego Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team and service providers to help people connect with services and housing they so desperately need. This includes helping manage triage and detox beds so that the Clean & Safe homeless outreach workers can better assess each individuals needs and then connect them with the proper help and housing.


Make Change Count

The “Make Change Count” campaign centers around the Partnership’s donation station program and serves as a fundraising umbrella for its homeless initiatives. The donation stations, which look like red meters can be found throughout Downtown and accept coin and credit and debit card donations. The meters are designed to discourage panhandling while providing the public an opportunity to donate to programs designed to effectively end homelessness. This program is generously sponsored by Cox Communications.

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Work your way home

Through its integrated homeless outreach efforts, the Clean & Safe outreach team identify homeless individuals who will be best served by traveling back home to loved ones and then provides the needed bus ticket. Family and friends are contacted to ensure that the person will have a place to stay and the support they need to get back on their feet. To help instill a sense of responsibility and dignity, eligible participants also work a shift with the Clean & Safe maintenance team in exchange for their travel back home.

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Registry Week 2010 to 2011

Project 25/St. Vincent’s: 24 Housed
Blitz Week 2012: 107 Housed
Connections Housing: 621 Housed
Work Your Home: 429 Assisted

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