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Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Clean & Safe Program has created a comprehensive and compassionate program to reduce the number of homeless individuals on the streets of Downtown. Since 2010, our team has collaborated with multiple Downtown stakeholders and service providers to help connect more than 1,700 people with housing and supportive services.

Some of these collaborative successes include…


·       St. Vincent de Paul’s Project 25 – 52 Housed

·       Connections Housing – 789 Housed (updated quarterly)

·       Family Reunification Program – 887 Participants

Past projects for reducing homelessnes:

·       2010-2011 Registry Week – 146 Housed

·       2012 Blitz Week – 107 Housed


To effectively address homelessness in the Downtown community we have implemented a street level outreach program that provides assessments, service referrals and much more. The Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Clean & Safe Program partners with…

  • The San Diego Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) & Neighborhood Resource Team (NRT)

  • Emergency Medical Services Resource Access Program (RAP)

  • Numerous local housing and service providers

The goal of this integrated community effort is to connect homeless individuals with services, housing and the other resources they so desperately need.



 “Make Change Count” is a donation-based program that serves as a fundraising umbrella for Downtown’s homeless initiatives. The red donation station meters that you see throughout Downtown accept coin, credit, and debit card donations. The meters are designed to discourage panhandling and provide the public with an opportunity to donate to programs that effectively address and reduce homelessness. This program is generously sponsored by Cox Communications and IPS Group Inc. which repurposes and donates meters for this effort.

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Family Reunification Program

Through its integrated homeless outreach efforts, the Clean & Safe outreach team identify homeless individuals who will be best served by traveling back home to loved ones and then provides the needed bus ticket. Family and friends are contacted to ensure that the person will have a place to stay and the support they need to get back on their feet. To help instill a sense of responsibility and dignity, eligible participants also work a shift with the Clean & Safe maintenance team in exchange for their travel back home. Since 2011, 887 people have been helped through the Family Reunification Program – 257 in 2015 alone. We thank Traveler’s Aid San Diego for their partnership and support of this program!

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