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Ending Homelessness in Downtown San Diego


The Downtown San Diego Partnership is a leading partner toward the campaign to end homelessness in downtown San Diego. Through the Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation, there are several programs that are providing positive results for ending homelessness in San Diego—one person at a time. Among these is the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Make Change Count.

In 2011, the Downtown San Diego Partnership launched a new program designed to discourage panhandling by providing the public an opportunity to donate directly to programs and services to end homelessness. Red meters–also known as donation stations–were placed throughout the neighborhoods of downtown, allowing the public to make donations directly to help fund move-in kits and vouchers for services as part of the Ending Homelessness Downtown Campaign. See below to find out where these meters are placed.


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Support the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Make Change Count program by dropping some change–or by using a credit card at one of the many donation stations located throughout Downtown. Or, you can click here to donate online.

The donations are collected as the meters fill up and are turned over to the Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation, a 501(c)3, which supports the Ending Homelessness Campaign. The funds help pay for homeless efforts including:

  • Move-In Kits*
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Work Your Way Home Program
  • Items to assist with preparing for job interviews


donation-stationDonation Station Locations:

1.SW of Harbor Blvd and Park Blvd

2.Hilton bayside- Park Blvd & Gull Street

3.Rear of Convention Center near Marina Park Way

4.Marina Walkway at the rear of Marriott

5.SE of Harbor & 1st

6.Market Pl behind the Hyatt San Diego

7.NE of Kettner & Broadway

8.NE of Front & Broadway

9.SW of 1st & Broadway by the Chase Bank

10.N-side of Broadway Circle next to Panera

11.Broadway Circle by the Balbo Theatre ticket entrance

12.SW courtyard entrance to Horton Plaza near 1st & G street

13.E-side of 5th between Broadway and C next to Hotel Palomar

14.SW of 5th & B next to Wells Fargo

15.W-side of Park between Broadway & C by Smartconer building

16.SE of 6th & F next to Quality Social

17.NE of 6th & G next to Buca di Beppo

18.E-side of 6th –mid block- between J & K next to

19.NE of Park & J street

20.S-side of Island- mid block- between 4th & 5th- about 20’ west of Bank of America

21.E-side of 4th –mid block- between Island & J- about 40’ south of Bolillo Tortas

**Are you interested in installing a donation station on your property? Call our Clean & Safe office at (619) 234-8900 for more information.


Who made this possible?IPS-Group-Logo

The Downtown San Diego Partnership would like to thank IPS for their generous donation of the high-tech, solar powered meters.

“San Diego is not only our headquarters; it’s our home. We are proud to partner with the Downtown San Diego Partnership and reinvest in the communities in which we do business.” –Dave King, President & CEO, IPS Group, Inc.

For more information about this great company, please click on the link below:

We would also like to thank Cox Communications in San Diego for their financial contributions that help us keep many of these programs running.

The Downtown San Diego Partnership would also like to thank Westfield at Horton Plaza for donating the space to house the first 3 Donation Stations in San Diego!

Donations can be made at the Donation Stations using coins or credit cards.  If you’d prefer, you can send a check made payable to: Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation to 401 B Street,Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92101. You can also make a donation by clicking on the “Donate” button above. Our payment system is secure and safe.