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There are over 65,000 parking spots in downtown San Diego for you to choose from.

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Don’t want to drive? No problem. There are several other methods for transportation and mobility:


The Downtown San Diego Partnership is committed to making parking easier and more affordable for those living, working, and visiting downtown. In collaboration with Civic San Diego, the Downtown San Diego Partnership is working on a comprehensive parking app for smart phones and real-time parking information that includes up to the minute parking availability, cost, and maps for easy mobility. This app and other parking utilities will be available Winter 2013. Together, we are working toward increased mobility and connectivity in downtown San Diego.


shuttleDowntown Shuttle Circulator System

The Partnership is committed to the continued development of Downtown San Diego and its business retention. We’ll do this with new business attraction, job creation, development of services for residents, visitors and infrastructure.

Current parking issues as well as projected increase of vehicular trips to the downtown core have continued to pose obstacles in the retention and attraction of businesses. In October 2011, we began a dialogue with key stakeholders for the implementation of a downtown shuttle circulator to service downtown as well as connect with other downtown mass transit services, the of San Diego’s Big Bay Shuttle.

This shuttle will contribute to the high quality of life in our downtown with fewer vehicles on our streets. On a broader scale, the shuttle will philosophically align with SANDAG’s new Regional Transportation Plan. The goals of this downtown circulator shuttle are:

To review our Downtown Shuttle Implementation Plan, please click here.


mtsThe Downtown San Diego Partnership has paired up with SANDAG and MTS to offer discounted Transit Passes to our members. 

The current retail price for an MTS Standard Pass is currently $72. We will offer a 16.1 % discount, which means that the passes for our program will be $60.40 per pass, a savings of $11.60 per pass. We will also offer Premium Express Passes at a 16.5 % discount for $83.50 per pass (they retail for $100) and Senior Passes for $19.00 per pass.

The one year commitment will begin with the July 2014 passes and wrap up in June 2015. Once we have received the number of passes that you would like for the one year commitment, we will email you an invoice.

We will need your commitment by noon on Monday, May 12, 2014

We will require that all payments be made in full by noon on Monday, June 2, 2014

We are grateful for our alliance with SANDAG and MTS, which allows us to offer our members transit passes at such a competitive rate. We appreciate their help in allowing us to provide a reasonably priced solution to all the participants this year.

For more information please contact Kaitlin Phillips (619) 234-0201 or



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